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Why Sell With Us

We commit, not to just listing your home for sale, but more importantly, to getting it sold! We believe the professional marketing of your home takes diligence, skill, networking and hard work. As your agents, we will pursue all the means available to accomplish your goals and provide a pleasant and productive real estate experience you.

There is three important factors to consider when selling your home.

1) Why are you Selling your home?

Figuring out the main reason to sell or move is a result of a significant life event or a changing need like having a new baby, getting married, needing a yard, downsizing after the kids leave home, or just downsizing to reduce expenses. In these situations, it's not only important to review financial implications of selling but to also consider the intrinsic value of selling and moving on to the next phase of your life. 

Many people who waited years to move regretted their decision to do so and had wish they moved sooner, especially if the move is to be closer to family, to enjoy their retirement, or even just to downsize to help pay for traveling adventures. It is important to have a goal on where you want to be at this point in your life. Do you need to be somewhere by a certain time? Once you have established the time frame and the reason your need to move, than you are ready to begin the home selling process.

2) Choosing the right Realtor.

Finding the right Realtor for your home is directly correlated to the success of your Real Estates Sale transaction. You want to make sure you choose a Realtor that has your best interest in mind and is dedicated in fulfilling all your real estate needs. Often times sellers feel in order to sell their home quickly it is best to choose a well known agent in the area, however that statement is incorrect. The well known agents in their area are usually woking with so many other clients that they wont be able to provide the personal attention to each of their clients.

What we Offer:
Stallion Estates Team works as a team. We are a team of Realtors and not just an individual Realtor. When you hire us, our whole team is working together to successfully sell your home. We believe your needs always come first. We provide the service we agree to, in the ways that work for you, whether once a week, once a day, by phone, by e-mail or text message. That is how we will do it. You will always be kept in the loop. That is our dedication to you.

In today's technology driven world, more and more buyers are turning to the internet to look for home. In 2006 a survey by the National Association of Realtors found that over 75% of buyers starts their search online before they start looking locally. With so many homes on the market today, and our growing virtual online marketing it is very important to choose the right Realtor who can successfully maximize exposure of your home on the internet.

What we Offer:
Stallion Estates ensures the quality of our business by incorporating the best methods of advertisement, such as Facebook, Craiglists, Postlets, Zillow etc. We use several types of popular social media to market your home. Social media technology has quickly become mainstream, and its ability to advertise and attract customer is well above traditional newspaper or mailed advertisements.

3) Price of your home

Numbers,numbers, numbers. In todays market, it is important to know not only your numbers but the numbers of the neighborhood homes that have just sold. It is essential that the agent you hire provides you with detailed information on what homes have been sold and how they compare to yours. This way it can give you a clear understanding on what your house is worth. 

Pricing your home based on a dream number can limit your chances of a sale or limit your ability to achieve a good price. If your price your home too high it will:

1) Limit your momentum coming onto the market

2) Limit the number of buyers who visits your property

3) Limit your number of offers

4) Extend your days on the market

Some of these negative can't be avoided even if you decide to do a price reduction later so it is very crucial to price your home right from the start to attract a rush of potential buyers the first two weeks. It is very common for a Realtor to list a home too high for the fear of disappointing the owner and after months and months, the home fails to sell and the owner gives up on selling their home. A real estate professional who will tell you the truth about your price, chances of selling, and possible hurdles of selling under current market conditions is doing their job. It is essential to hire someone who will be honest to you from the start and not waste your time by misleading you.

​What we Offer:

Stallion Estates believes that time is money and money is time. The longer a property stays unsold the more money the seller is losing. As a team we have a reputation to hold and it is our job to consult our sellers on the most current market data to ensure our seller understands the market values of the surrounding neighborhood. We understand that the seller wants the best price for their home, but it is important to distinguish between a dream value and a market value. The truth is, if you understand the current market value and your price is right the house will sell or even at a higher asking price. We would like to present to you our marketing strategy on selling your home. Are you ready to hire the right team to sell your home?